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Nufino Foundation

The aim of The Foundation is to increase awareness on healthy and safe nutrition, making pro healthy decision easier, increase consumer awareness and quality of life, deepening and expanding knowledge of human nutrition and related fields. (§5, paragraph 1 of the Statute of the Foundation)

Foundation details

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Foundation Board

Paweł Jurowczyk

Paweł Jurowczyk CEO

Graduate of the PhD Studies at Warsaw School of Economics. 14 years of market research experience, independent market research professional. Comprehensive study of the purchase environment using new technologies. Expertise in NPVO, Eye Tracking, Clients flow, Retail Audit, e-stores. Projects aimed at increasing consumer awareness on healthy and safe nutrition.

Łukasz Pielak

Łukasz Pielak Vice President

Graduate of Warsaw University of Life Sciences. 12 years of market research experience, independent market research professional. Fields of specialization: managing a database team of 30 people, Oracle database, retail audit project, e-stores, Business Intelligence project, design and implementation of mobile apps and on-line apps.

About the application

Nufino users can easily and clearly see all information placed on the product’s label. Nufino shows all ingredients and their influence on human health, informs about allergens, calculates nutritional value. We are intensively working on new modules and functionalities. Our ambition is to make Nufino an European brand which is associated with healthy and safe nutrition.

Nufino’s terms of use

Wide range of products

Over 100 000 verified EANs (EAN codes). Every day we develop our database and add new EANs.

Reliable information

Classification and description of ingredients by - VitaSana - nutrition experts, dieticians and promoters of a healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients graphics

Readable and colored graph showing the ingredients’ classification and their share in the number of ingredients.

Warnings about allergens / Allergens alerts

Information for allergy sufferers.

Nutritional value

Nutritional information and GDA.

Social content management

You can be a part of Nufino app. For more information contact us:


We hope you like Nufino functionality, aesthetics and intuitiveness. It is the result of the great work of SICC - IT solutions with Polish flavour, style and reliability.

Meet the team

Two young men in the early thirties. Graduates of Warsaw University of Life Sciences and Warsaw School of Economics, with professional market research experience. Łukasz - focused on supply side of purchasing environment - prices, promotions. Paweł – demand side – comprehensive study of customer behavior in the place of purchase with new technologies. Both happily married and fulfilled in the professional work.

Nufino idea?

Paweł Jurowczyk
Paweł Jurowczyk
The idea for the app was established in early 2014. Before that, we talked a lot about marketers fantasies and food technologists who are creating labels descriptions. We thought about consumer guide solving their tricks and quibbles. When the producers figured out that after seeing the labels we put away products with a large number of 'E' on the packaging, they began to enter a full or abbreviated name. Although not all of the 'E' have a negative impact on our health.
Łukasz Pielak
Łukasz Pielak
The fact that on the label milk is a bold text does not mean that the producer underlines this component, because the milk is healthy. It means that product contains or may contain an allergen and people who are sensitive to lactose should be careful. It's the same with wheat or gluten - recently fashionable topic. Having this knowledge we have started digging deeper.
Paweł: We concluded that this guide is a nice idea, but who will use it? How to effectively distribute it, and how long the guide will be actual. Next concept was the website, but none of us had relevant experience. Besides, how to defend our posts without any knowledge on food technology, chemistry or nutrition. The idea was abandoned. At least in this form.
Łukasz: Currently you have software applications for everything. You run, ride a bike, walk around alone or with someone - you got an application and get to inform your friends, check a route, etc. On the gym you have calories calculators. You want to cook something - application with recipes for every occasion. Got a minute – one click and you play some games. You do not have time - also have an application - how to get faster, get a taxi, tram, metro… Generally if you do something or want something, you already have an application for that. If you don’t want anything, you also have an application for this.
Paweł: So, why not an app? Quick research, there is few applications... but from the beginning we knew what and how we want to show. Colorful and simple visualization. Ingredients ranked in terms of potential influent on human health, nutritional value. We started to discuss possible scenario, technical issues and went to the details.
Łukasz: Suddenly it begans to live its own life. It was a little scary at the beginning. We shared our idea with friends. Of course, we followed two principles to achieve business success: "1. Do not tell everything."
Paweł: First reaction: "Great idea. Certainly worth of attention and support”. Another one “Guys, it already exist, do you know how much work it needs? Who is funding you? You on your own? Heh, heh, forgive me, but I do not see it. It means I keeping my fingers crossed, but...”. The next two reactions: "Brilliant. How can we help you? Did you think about…”.
Łukasz: All the time we answer questions on: “How much does it cost?”. The answer is “Nothing. Zero. Null”. From the very beginning we knew that Nufino will be free of charge and add-free.
Paweł: We decided that Nufino is our hobby. We have the strength and desire to create something socially useful. The cool thing is that we have the same point of view. Our dream is to make Nufino an European brand which is associated with healthy and safe nutrition.
The first serious talks among us and the decision, "Let’s do it". We were very lucky to meet good people who really cheer us.


For all technical issues of a mobile application and the website is responsible SICC ( located in Bialystok.

SICC is an essential part of Nufino. They develops solutions in the field of mobile technology - dedicated applications, cross-platform applications, to responsive web pages and distributed systems using mobile client applications. The company's clients are: Original Source Up To Date Festival in Bialystok, Belarusian Radio Racja, Białystok Science and Technology Park, Magic-Gym Fitness & Wellness and DobreMiejsce.TO.

Marcin Zajkowski
Marcin Zajkowski, Co-owner
„The idea, aim and commitment of Paweł and Łukasz had a great impression on us. After the first meeting we knew we wanted to be a part of what becomes Nufino. As SICC we’ve built our business to last, based on long-term relationships with our clients. Individual approach and partnership are our priorities. We believe that our knowledge and experience will contribute to increasing consumer awareness of Poles. Working on Nufino application we do it as users, consumers, conscious consumers. We keep our fingers crossed and cheer each other.”
Vita Sana

Vita Sana

Shaping motivation, knowledge and skills of healthy life style is our motto. We want to counteract the existing problem of obesity and prevent obesity.

Katarzyna Zielińska
Katarzyna Zielińska, Vita Sana
Specialist in nutrition and physical activity, nutritionist, yoga teacher, promoter of a healthy lifestyle. Created and developed GMLK system and anti-obesity program. Author of the book “Lose weight healthily”. Give advice in women's magazines and TV programs. She founded and leads Centre for Obesity Prevention and Health Promotion Vita Sana.

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At the moment Nufino application is available in the trial version. We are working hard on describing products and providing new options. The next version will go to Google Play, App Store and Windows Store. If you want to test application please download it from our website.

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